Brea's Carbon Footprint!

There are so many problems with the street-sweeping parking enforcement program:

The Brea City Council recently voted to support a multi-million dollar project to make Brea "green," yet the parking resolution is doing exactly the opposite. As a result of the street-sweeping resolution, we have two enforcement vehicles now driving for a combined 48 hours a week as they follow the street sweepers. The city's effort to give tickets to Brea residents is causing 15,000 miles of wasted driving each year, which generates about NINE METRIC TONS of carbon dioxide. This doesn’t even take into account the tons of other pollution generated by these enforcement vehicles, or the hundreds of wasted miles driven by residents who are being chased around by the street sweeper as they move their cars just in time to follow the "spirit of the law."

For the alleged benefit of collecting only 26 cubic yards of debris (see 6-month report), there is a cost of generating 6,543 cubic yards of carbon dioxide per year (refer to graph B)! Just in the first six months of this ticketing program, the City of Brea's enforcement vehicles have generated over 10,000 pounds of pollution in order to possibly collect an extra 13 cubic yards of LEAVES. As it turns out, there isn't even an increase in debris being collected! click here to see the debris data

Brea residents deserve to have input!

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