Street Sweeping Debris Data

Don't these parking restrictions result in cleaner streets? In July 2009, the City Manager estimated that approximately 4,700 cars blocked the path of the street sweeper monthly (July 2009 Report). In October 2009 (when the parking enforcement program began), the Brea Police Department issued 1,103 tickets for being parked on the street on street-sweeping day. That means that approximately 3,597 cars were removed from the path of the street sweeper in October 2009 compared to October 2008. As a result, one would deduce that the amount of debris collected in October 2009 should be substantially higher than 2008 to justify this program.

WRONG! The amount of debris collected in 2009 was 28% LESS than that collected in 2008 for October (389 cubic yards in 2008 vs. 278 cubic yards in 2009).

But what about the reported increase in collected debris? In his 6-month report on the street-sweeping enforcement program (March 2010 Report), the City Manager hailed the program as a success, claiming that the amount of debris collected had "increased from 1.5 to about 2 cubic yards per week." This supposed 33% increase in debris was used throughout the study session in an attempt to justify the resolution as an effective program.

WRONG! When the street-sweeping data was provided for an independent review, nothing close to a 33% increase could be found in any month!

Conclusion: This program is not collecting more debris from the forced removal of vehicles from the street sweeper path and has no impact on the overall amount of debris collected in Brea. In fact, with the exception of March 2010, there has been either an insignificant amount of additional debris collected or LESS debris collected since the enforcement program began.

The data supports that this resolution has never been about clean's about raising revenue from Brea Residents!

Enforcement program started in September 2009 with 3 weeks of warnings. Citations began on Oct. 5, 2009.

Volume measurements are rough estimates provided by the Public Works department. The per month totals are in Cubic Yards and include both street sweeping and landscaping maintenance debris (majority is from sweeping).

Brea residents deserve to have input!

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