According to the OC Register, the street-sweeping parking resolution was introduced as a way to generate revenue. This is no secret and I understand that motive - cities across the country are being more vigilant about ticketing in order to balance shrinking budgets. However, FORCING Brea residents to park illegally is not a fair or honest way of filling the city's coffers. Residents like me are FORCED to park in front of our homes illegally, because no reasonable alternative has been provided. At Brea's elementary schools, parents, visitors and volunteers are also FORCED to park illegally because no other parking is available. Not a SINGLE visitor should ever be ticketed for accessing Brea's public schools during school hours, yet the City has refused to exempt school streets from ticketing.

It is worth noting that some cities with street-sweeping parking rules, such as Yorba Linda, NEVER issue tickets, but simply ask the residents to do their best to keep their cars off the street at those times. While that is an ultimate example of following the "spirit of the law" rather than the "letter of the law," taking this route would defeat the purpose of Brea's revenue-generating ordinance. Still, it would be a reasonable solution for school streets and a few difficult neighborhoods. But if it really is all about having clean streets, as the Council and Brea staff have insisted again and again, why can't Brea take Yorba Linda's approach? Why do we have to ticket at all?

It is projected that over a MILLION dollars will be collected each year from issuing citations. Where is that money coming from? It's coming from Brea residents, many of whom are also facing hard times and shrinking budgets. This is a new tax on the residents of Brea, but it is not a tax that is shared equally. Nor is it a tax based on the value of your home or the size of your income. This new tax is based on how many vehicles you own versus how many parking spaces you have. We were not consulted about this new tax; we did not vote on this new tax. I didn't think this was the way things were done in Brea. I guess things are different now.

I would like to know what opportunity the Brea residents have had to offer input as this resolution was developed. While I've been told repeatedly that there is nothing unique about Brea's parking ordinance, my research has proven otherwise. In fact, no other city with hilly neighborhoods like mine or tightly packed ones like the Ash Street Cottages sweeps BOTH sides of EVERY street EVERY week with a parking restriction policy that covers massive territories in a single day. In some cities, like West Covina and Whittier, street-sweeping restrictions are enacted in a given neighborhood only after a majority of residents sign a petition or vote to allow it. In La Mirada, residents are allowed to park on their lawns on street-sweeping days. For 35 of La Habra's streets, alternating sides of the street are swept on different days in order to give residents a reasonable place to park. I would also like to point out that Fullerton has NO parking restrictions on street-sweeping days, yet they are still in compliance with the NPDES. I would have hoped that the City Council would take the BEST ideas from other Southern California cities and would have sought input from the public before enforcing a resolution that has such a huge impact on its residents' daily lives.

This measure disproportionately affects certain Brea residents and it imposes an extraordinary burden on the following groups:

1) It is a burden to those who require overnight parking on the street. These residents have demonstrated a need for street-parking and that need still exists during the day. We must be allowed to legally park somewhere near our homes on street-sweeping day.

2) It is a burden to anyone who is normally at home on weekdays and needs access to their vehicles. This includes stay-at-home parents, those who work from home, those who work irregular hours, and the unemployed or retired.

3) It is a burden to anyone who is not an able-bodied adult. I live in on a steep hill with few outlets so the walk to any "legal" parking spot would be a long, arduous one that is unsuitable for children, the elderly, anyone in poor health or anyone recovering from an injury or illness.

4) It is a burden to any resident who requires visitors to their home, including nannies, home health-care workers such as physical therapists, family members, or clients for a home-based business. Playgroups for my children are now impossible on street-sweeping days.

5) It is a burden to the residents who have Monday morning street sweeping. These residents are more likely to have difficulty moving their cars after any weekend travel that may have occurred.

6) It is a burden to Brea families. Large families are more likely to have more cars. Families with small children would find it impossible to drive around the street sweeper. Not every car can fit all the kids or has appropriate car seats so relocating such cars a great distance can be anything from an unsafe, logistical nightmare to an outright impossibility.

I believe this new resolution is clearly discriminatory against certain residents. I would like to know why the City Council has refused to develop real solutions for those residents who are experiencing real hardships.

Thank you for your time.

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