Since the last City Council meeting, I've learned that the City Manager made an error when he reported the amount of debris collected by the street sweeper. Apparently the data he reported as a weekly amount was instead a daily amount. Unbelievable! This time the City Manager's data was off by 300 percent! Yet somehow the City Council majority STILL continues to rely on the City Manager to do so-called "research" and has time and again accepted his recommendations without question. It's beyond me how the City Manager has earned such power (or how he deserves over $200,000 dollars-worth of salary, benefits, car allowances, bonuses, etc.). Yet when one error after another is uncovered, the government's response is not to deliberate or to question or to consider the ramifications of these huge mistakes. No…the response of this City Council majority is to dig in its heels and stubbornly forge ahead, continuing distorting the truth and now rewriting history to justify its actions.

I have not been given access to the street-sweeping debris data, but let's assume that the City Manager's latest guess is somehow an accurate one. My question to the City Council is still the same. In order to collect this extra 100 cubic yards of leaves each year, is it worth generating an extra 9 TONS of carbon dioxide and an untold amount of additional pollution by having the ticketing agents rack up 15,000 miles of driving their enforcement vehicles behind the street sweepers each year? NO data has been presented to justify this wasteful program, yet the heels dig in further.

Another thing I'd like to address is the repeated assertion by Mr. Beauman about how the spirit of the law makes it so simple for residents to comply…and the City Manager assuring us that the street sweeper follows the same pattern every week and comes within the same "few minutes" every week. These LIES have been perpetuated meeting after meeting, in an attempt to trivialize the real hardships imposed on Brea residents by this resolution. If you ever visited my neighborhood, you would find that the sweeper not only varies its route, but USUALLY comes sometime between 11 am and 12:30 pm. Hardly a two-minute window, and of course there's never any guarantee that the sweeper won't come early or be delayed. Have you read the posted signs? (show sign) It reads NO PARKING Monday 8 am - 2 pm. It doesn't read 11 am - 12:30 pm. It's true that residents probably have an idea of when the sweeper MIGHT come, but what if you are a visitor to my neighborhood? What if you were a parent that wants to visit an elementary school? Or a family that wants to visit a Brea park? How would you have any idea whether or not the sweeper had already come and it was safe to park? Our streets look exactly the same before and after the sweeper comes. So if you wanted to visit any of these places, you would have to wait until after 2 pm in order to park legally, or you'd have to trespass and park your car in a random private driveway since that is the only legal parking available. All throughout Brea, visitors are not welcome between 8 am and 2 pm on street sweeping day. A friend of mine wants to sign up for swim lessons at the Plunge this summer so she called the City to ask when the streets are swept in that neighborhood. She was told the sweeper comes between 8 am and 2 pm. They also suggested that she shouldn't take lessons on Tuesdays to avoid ticketing. Nice.

Let me share with you another photo. The house at the end of this cul-de-sac is currently on the market. Please note the short driveways, and that no street parking is allowed on either side of the street. Many of these Brea residents require street parking and have overnight parking passes; they would park here, from where I took this picture. Tell me, how can someone who lives in THIS house listen for the street sweeper and then sprint this distance in time to move his car? Impossible. This resident is not allowed to be home on street sweeping day. Plus, how is this resident supposed to sell his home when he has to disclose this liability? Clearly, realtors are unable to even show this house on any Monday, unless it's after 2 pm. If it's so easy to comply with the "spirit of the law," then how has one Brea household been hit with four parking tickets already? The City Council majority has given us no place to go on street-sweeping day, so we either have to be evicted from our neighborhood or be forced to pay this unfair curb tax. So here we are, now SEVEN months and counting…with the City Council majority continuing to burden residents. How can they continue to show zero concern for our hardships? Perhaps it's because none of the members of the City Council have overnight parking passes. So we have this City Council majority who is not sharing in our burden, along with a City Manager who doesn't even live in Brea, continuously lecturing ME about what my life is like and whether or not I have anything to complain about. You know, this situation would be almost funny, if it weren't so painful instead. I'll see you in two weeks. Thank you.

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