For 16 months now, I have been presenting many facts that prove the street-sweeping parking restrictions are unacceptable. The city council's vote on the matter was based on misrepresentations, half-truths and ludicrous financial predictions. The resolution was in response to a vocal minority of residents who had a problem with neighbors parking their cars in front of their homes. Rather than deal with this neighborly dispute problem locally, the council seized the opportunity to try and balance Brea's troubled budget by enacting a curb tax with no voter input. Then the program was implemented with grossly inadequate signage. When someone sues the city over its violation of due process, the cost of that suit and of the inevitable judgment against the city should come out of YOUR wallets, not mine. The city council and city staff are the one who have stubbornly pressed forward in spite of the fact, yet sadly it is the Brea residents that will have to pay once again.

The facts show that this parking enforcement program has turned out to be a total failure - no additional debris being collected, little, if any, revenue being generated, massive hardships being born by Brea's residents and visitors, an arbitrary and unjust ticketing and appeals policy … After countless visits to these council chambers, to lay out these facts, there has been NO movement by the past council or this council to remedy the situation.

Meeting after meeting, the City Manager continues to waive off the facts, repeats his misinformed rhetoric and dismisses all this noise as nothing more than a passion of the Starkeys. Let me make a correction: I am not passionate, I am appalled. I hate coming up here again and again and I hate even more that I have to. As a scientist, I am especially shocked at the complete disregard shown to the FACTS in this matter. But I guess that's how politics work. I also can't believe the complete disregard shown to the hardships of the residents. Visitors are unwelcome in Brea. Residents have to schedule their lives around street sweeping. Tickets are issued to the elderly, the handicapped and company trucks. When I provided the evidence of this, the City Manager's response was, "That doesn't happen." That's an interesting approach - total denial to cover up your mistakes. Roy Moore's repeated response to these ticketing problems has been, "That shouldn't happen." I'm sorry, but that's not good enough. It's your job to ensure that it never happens. I am bewildered as to how this City Council can turn a blind eye to these problems. Aren't you supposed to be serving the people of Brea?

At the last council meeting, I asked several important questions about the total lack data to support our current street sweeping program. As usual, my questions were ignored and there has been no follow-up to provide answers in the last two weeks. Once again, we're all waiting.

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